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Multimedia sites

Learning Chocolate
Beginning – Advanced
Learn vocabulary by playing fun games

1. Pick a category, like Classroom or Occupations.
2. Click the little speaker X))) next to a word to hear it. After you learn the words, you can play Match up, Fill In, and Dictation games.

Click the Help tab to learn how to play the games
VOA News
Intermediate – Advanced
Reading and listening practice.

Listen to news stories and read them at the same time. The newscasters speak slowly and clearly. You can pause the sound to look up words. Very cool.
Breaking News English
Beginning – Advanced
Reading and listening practice

Read news stories, then do exercises. You can also listen. Be aware that the accent is British English, not American English
 Learn English, Feel Good
Intermediate – Advanced

There are many ways to practice English on this site. There are also many ads. If you click an ad, use your browser back button to return to the previous page. Videos, pronunciation and interactive exercises.
Simple English News
Beginning - Advanced

A site that has short stories for you to listen to and read at the same time.