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General sites

These sites are general websites for learning English. Most of them include grammar practice, games, and other activities. They are all free, so they have a lot of advertisements. Be careful about what you click!

Beginning – Advanced
I like this site because it is easy to understand what to do. On the left you can choose Easy, Medium, or Difficult for Grammar, Vocabulary, and Crossword Puzzles. There are no ads. It has bilingual quizzes in many languages.

Beginning – Advanced

Practice  listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Learn English for special purposes such as business, health, and work. You can also chat with other ELLs, watch videos, take quizzes, and join member forum discussions. 

esl-lounge for Students
Beginning – Advanced

Ignore the advertisements that appear at the top of each page. Click links on the left, in the blue menu at the top, or below the ads.

The main categories are Grammar Guide, Grammar Exercises, Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, Games. One thing I like about this site is that in each category you can choose Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, or Advanced, depending on your English level.

Beginning – Advanced
Start at this page to find help for learning English at all levels. Click the Start Learning tab under the About.com logo to start. There is a lot on this site.
 – Advanced
This site has English tutorials, Student Forums, special dictionaries, games, and links to reading and listening resources on the web. It is easier to navigate than many ESOL sites. Try the weekly lesson. 
Dave's ESL Cafe
Intermediate – Advanced
Avoid the links at the left, because they are mostly for teachers. Go to “Stuff for Students.” This site has a Help Center and Student Forums. The Help Center is a discussion board where you can type questions about using English in real life. People type answers to your questions. If you join the site (free), you can ask and answer questions. In the Student Forums, you can “talk” (by typing) with other students on different topics. The site has good information on idioms and slang   
World English
Intermediate – Advanced
Extensive resources including grammar lessons, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing activities, book recommendations, and links to internet resources.

A special feature of this site is the Online Distance Learning. Look for the links under that section on the home page in the center at the top. You can get Free English lessons by mail (you do not get any feedback to your work.) You can sign up to go online and join a group of people from all over the world speaking English together. You must download chat software and have a microphone and speakers on your computer to participate.
My English Pages
Intermediate – Advanced
Grammar and writing tips, student forums, exercises and tests. This is a clean site that is easy to navigate.
Learn English Online
Beginner – Advanced
A British English site organized into sections. If you become a member, you can chat with other learners.   
English Grammar Online
It has a nice section on Business Communication and Grammar.