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Video sites

English with Jennifer
Beginning - Advanced

Jennifer is a real teacher. She makes video lessons and puts them on YouTube. I love her videos!


When you are on Jennifer's YouTube page, scroll down the page to see all the lessons. There are lessons on grammar, expressions and slang, common mistakes, and pronunciation. Some lessons are for advanced learners. Other lessons teach basic grammar.
 Real English
Beginning – Advanced

This site has videos of real people talking, real teachers, and students. You can get help in your own language! The site is a little confusing at first, but after you do it a while you understand. Then it is really fun!

1. Go to: http://www.real-english.com/new-lessons.asp
2. Choose a lesson.
3. Watch the video, without subtitles.
4. Click “Exercise 1” and follow the instructions.
5. Do all the exercises.
6. Now watch the video with subtitles.
 A Funny Way to Learn English
Intermediate – Advanced

Listen to popular songs and watch the words in English on Youtube. Very cool.

At the top of the page are tabs. Click the Exercise tab and choose Songs. You can listen to the song and fill in the blanks (gaps.) Click the Playlist tab. There is a list of the musicians (artists.) Click an artist's name and you go to a page with their videos that have words.
 Learn American English Online
Beginning - Advanced

Paul Lawrence, a real teacher, teaches you English on this site. He has color-coded levels from Blue, for Basic, through Violet, Advanced. He has very nice videos of himself teaching specific topics at a whiteboard. Check out the How to Learn link toward the bottom of the left navigation menu
English Video Online
 Free English Video Lessons Online
Beginning - Advanced

This site has many lessons by many teachers. You can also see their videos on YouTube.