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MORE: Prepositions

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3 charts showing most of the prepositions and links to exercises at the bottom of the page (ego4u.com)
Prepositions list
A list of the most common prepositions (englishclub.com)
A good definition with a description of how prepositions are used and a list of the most common, with examples.

Little pictures that show the meaning of the preposition. A good, basic place to start. (learnenglish.de)
Basic explanation and examples
Prepositions of Place - At, On, In
A video of a teacher telling you about these most common prepositions.(youtube.com)
In, at, and on can be prepositions of time OR place. Here is information about using them to show time. (englishclub.com)
Tips on using prepositions of time. (rong-chang.com)

Little words that tell us where or when or other things about nouns

In, an, on, through, about, next to, by, toward, from....HELP!

We use prepositions with nouns (or words that take the place of nouns, like gerunds) to talk about location, direction, time and other things.

The most difficult part of learning how to use prepositions is that there aren't many rules. You will need to learn many prepositional phrases. After a while, you will get the main ideas.