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Present (simple)

The Simple Present is about regular, repeated activities.

"One important English verb tense is the simple present. This is actually not a very good name because its meaning is not exactly simple and the time for which it is used is not exactly present."
         --Dennis Oliver, Dave's ESL Cafe

We use Simple Present Tense to talk about:
  • Regular, repeated actions and frequency.
    I go to work every day. I wake up at 7 am.
  • Facts, opinions, generalities.
    (I am a woman. Dogs are wonderful. Babies cry a lot.
  • Travel plans and schedules. (We leave for vacation tomorrow.
    The train arrives at 8:50 pm.
  • Something about "now" - but not an activity.
    Where are you? She wants milk.
The Simple Present v.s. Present Continuous
The Present Continuous Tense uses -ing at the end of the verb. It tells about something that is happening now or isplanned for the future. It is NOT about regular, repeated actions.
Examples of Present Continuous:
  • I am doing my homework right now - don't bother me!
  • I am walking to work tomorrow morning because my car needs to be repaired.