Help for immigrants

Allston-Brighton Adult Education Coalition Programs
We are part of a group of organizations that support adult learning for Allston-Brighton residents. You can download a brochure at the bottom of this page.

This website has lots of information and links to help immigrants in the Boston area.

MIRA (The Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition)
MIRA promotes immigrant integration and immigrant rights. It is in Boston. The website has a good list of resources.

Greater Boston Legal Services
GBLS provides free legal assistance to people who live in and around Boston with non-criminal issues. They are in Boston and Cambridge. There are many other places to get legal help. Go to the MIRA website to find them.

IINE (The International Institute of New English)
IINE helps refugees and immigrants become active participants in the social, political, and economic richness of American life. They are in Boston, Lowell, and New Hampshire.

AACA (The Asian American Civic Association)
The AACA provides all immigrants and economically disadvantaged people with education, occupational training, and social services enabling our clients to realize lasting economic self-sufficiency.

MAPS (The Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers)
MAPS is a group of different organizations that help Portuguese speakers from Brazil, Cape Verde, Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking communities who come to live in the U.S. They have offices in Allston, Cambridge, and other towns. They are home to the Brazilian Women's Group.
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