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ESOL Videos (by Laura)
Logging in to USAlearns - This video shows you how to log in, and tells you what to do if you have problems logging in. 
Writing Assignments in USAlearns - Learn about how to complete writing assignments, and the process of getting the assignments reviewed by your teacher.

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What is USAlearns?

USAlearns is a website funded by the U.S. Department of Education to support immigrants who want to learn or improve their English skills. If you are in a distance learning program with Laura, this is the main site you will use.
There are three courses in USAlearns. When you begin the distance learning program, your teacher enrolls you in one of the courses.
  • First English Course: a 20-unit, video-based beginner-level course
  • Second English Course: a 17-unit, video-based intermediate-level course
  • Practice English and Reading: 42 intermediate-level stories and activities
Features of USAlearns
High-quality video with topics, characters and situations that reflect the challenges of immigrants in U.S. society
  • A wide variety of activity types offering rich media – video, images, and audio files
  • Definitions and vocabulary practice for over 800 words
  • Units organized by thematic topics
  • Immediate feedback in comprehension checks
  • Scoring and quizzes
  • Animated Help screens
  • Management site for teachers to monitor student progress
USAlearns documents
Below are documents related to USAlearns. 
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