Let's Skype!


How do I download and install Skype?
Go to this link to download Skype for PC:

Go to this link to download Skype for Mac:

How can I learn how to use Skype?

On the Skype site:

YouTube has videos.
Be careful--some of them are old, and there may be differences now. you can stop and start the video if you don't understand.

He speaks fast, but the video is good.

English, no voice, shows you how to do it on PC

A video showing 2 students using Skype to practice English


This video is old, but may be helpful
What is Skype?
Skype is a way to communicate with people using your computer. It is for PC or Mac. You can even get it for some cell phones.

What can I do with Skype?
We use the free version of Skype. After you download Skype onto your computer, you can
  • Speak with someone like you would over a phone
  • See each other while you talk (both of you must have a computer "videocam.") 
  • Speak with 2 or 3 people at once! 
  • "Chat" with people by typing into a little box. You can do it while talking on a Skype phone call, or you can do it without making a phone call.
  • Share your desktop on a video call. This is useful for me to show you something, or for you to show me something. For example, if you are having a problem with USAlearns, you can share your desktop with me, and I can try to see what is going wrong.
How will I use Skype to study English?
You will use Skype to:
  • Have meetings with your teacher 
  • Practice English conversation with other students
What do I need to use Skype?
You must have:
  • A computer that has Skype on it (you download Skype from the web.)
  • A sound card and built-in microphone
  • A fast internet connection
  • It is also good to have a built-in videocamera, or a separate one you attach to your computer.  But if you don't have one, you can still use Skype for talking and chatting. Your conversation partner won't be able to see you.