Conversation Practice


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Conversation classes & Tutoring for children.
Contact Maria DiChiapparai,

Boston Public Library
Click here to download instructions for finding groups at Boston libraries.

Cambridge Public Library

Watertown Free Public Library

Ideas for conversation practice
There are many opportunities to practice your conversation. Here are 3 ideas:
  1. Make an "English" date with a friend, co-worker, or family member. You will ONLY speak English for half an hour. Go to a cafe. Bring one or two dictionaries with you. Bring paper and pencils. Speak slowly, and work on using the correct words, in the correct order. When you don't understand, ask your friend to repeat, or to spell a word.
  2. Find another student who uses Skype and have a 1/2 hour appointment to speak with them each week. Follow the same directions as in #1. Tell your teacher if you would like her to help you find another student for Skyping.
  3. Go to a conversation class at a library. (See the attached flyer at the bottom of this page that lists groups at Boston and Watertown libraries.) Usually, you don't have to sign up -  you can "drop in" to a group.
Conversation groups at libraries
Many public libraries have English conversation groups. The Boston Public Library has many branches all over Boston, and most have "drop-in" conversation groups.

Other conversation groups
Many Adult Education programs have conversation classes or groups. You may have to be a student in a class to go to them, but you can always check! (My Distance Learning students can come to conversation groups at JMCC.)

Have you tried a "Meet up"? Check out If you join this site, you can meet with other people who are learning and practicing their English!