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Practice computer skills

Links to web pages where you can practice basic computer skills.


Internet Technology Glossary for Kids. (But adults can use it, too!)

Practice using the mouse:
A good basic site for mouse practice.
Simple exercises. There are too many words, but click the numbers and you'll figure it out.
A fun site. but be careful not to click the ads. Use your mouse to put jigsaw puzzles together. Click on the left link where it says Change Cut and choose the number of pieces for the puzzle.

Practice typing
A really great site for teaching you how to place your hands. You can do it with sound, to hear the key names as you type.
Ignore the ads, and copy the letters above the keyboard. Remember to press the spacekey!


3 pictures about ergonomics
Computer Ergonomics: What is that?
A good video about how to sit and use your hands at the computer.